March 2007

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We dont even need to be to nerds to do this and anyway we like our control. 

Newsletter - Summer & Autumn 2004

Welcome… To the first WACH newsletter and to all our new members; as they say’time flies when you are having fun’. It is hard to believe six months have passed since the successful launch in February. We are hoping to use this newsletter to keep up to date with developments with WACH.

We were very pleased to see women coming together from all areas of the community to celebrate, encourage and develop ourselves and our children.

The group continues to develop and our Saturday morning meetings have increased in attendance. We are still looking for new members who can commit an extra few hours per month, outside of our usual Saturday meeting, to assist in the development of the group.

We recently had a skills sharing session, which was very encouraging. In turn we have identified our strengths for future planning. We also enjoyed a pampering day, which was another opportunity to relax and get to know each other better.

We are aware that childcare is often a problem for some of our members. One of our objectives will be to seek funding to enable women to participate in WACH activities.

We will shortly be meeting with another local black women’s health group to see how we can work and support each other. We hope this linking with other groups will be extended to other regional and national groups.

For information about our development plans, please complete our questionnaire and return it using the reply-paid envelope.

Our newsletter will be published twice a year, letting you know what we are doing. We would also like to hear from you; what would you like to see us do? Activities, seminars or social events – let us know. Call or drop us a line at the Black Development Agency, 5 Russell Town Avenue, Redfield, Bristol or come to a meeting.

Julie Seymour Chair